Website Redesign: Build Your Content’s Dream Home

Website Redesign: Build Your Content’s Dream Home


Think about it: your website is the home from your brand, and for your valuable content. 

Potential customers arrive on a first visit hoping to get to know you better, and to decide if they like you enough to make it official. They look around, check out your vibe, and explore your stuff to see if you’re a match. They’ve been to other houses and know what they like in a house – they won’t think twice about making a hasty exit if yours is disappointing. 

  • You need to make a great first impression for new visitors so they come back
  • You need to keep it tidy and functional for the people who live there (your own team)
  • You also can’t take loyal friends (repeat customers) for granted by letting it get run down or messy

Making your website a desirable destination means knowing who you are as a business and exactly what people need from you, then building your home to seamlessly fulfill those needs.

Ready to go all-in on this home-building analogy?

The Forge and Smith crew are your architects, builders, decorators, and party planners, and our finely honed web design process is how we build your content’s dream home. Hard hat and steel-toed boots required beyond this point!

We take notes, then launch an SEO audit of your site and your competitors’ sites, and a content audit of your site. 

If you don’t have brand guidelines to drive the project, we can also guide you through that process. It’s super important that we’re all on the same page about who you are and what you do before we touch the construction materials!

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